"I can't say enough good things about Marjorie. I've been lucky to have Marjorie by my side for both a purchase and a sale. During each transaction, I was very happy with her services and her attention to detail.

When you have Marjorie on your team, you have a great, supportive and friendly presence with you; during a trying time!

Buying and selling is stressful, but, Marjorie finds a way to make it a pleasure"

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Marjorie, to anyone!"


"Marjorie Caiger is the most all-around service provider I have met!

When I was selling my home, I felt the support from her, on all sides of the deal. Marjorie helped me prepare and stage my home, prior to to selling, and followed-up with support, after the sale.

Marjorie truly cares about her clients and the inevitable angst of selling and/or buying a home. Whatever she can do to help in the process, she will!

When I finally sold my house and closed on a condo, I'm not sure who was more pleased -- but, I think it was Marjorie!"


"I am now completely and happily settled in my new home!

Selling my condo, in which I had lived for 29 years, and downsizing to a space half the size, was an emotionally challenging experience. I never could have survived the adventure and achieved such a wonderful result without your professionalism, knowledge, judgment, patience and guidance, every step of the way.

I had not realized the selling and buying would be so complicated!

I am so lucky to be well-settled and to have accomplished my financial goals, as well.

Thank you!"


"Marjorie sold our previous house and found our new home. I would not hesitate to call on her services again.

She is passionate about her work, knows the market thoroughly and attends to all the necessary details!"


"Marjorie was excellent, all around!

It really seemed that she cared, and wanted us to find a home we would be happy with.

Always available. I would highly recommend her."

Aida and Qadir

"Thorough, patient and conscientious. Marjorie understood my interests and represented my concerns. I never felt pressured into making a decision.

Great customer service!"


"Outstanding! Marjorie feels like family. We are comfortable confiding in her and never have questioned her motives.

She makes real estate easy!"